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What does it mean to be a 21st Century Singer?  If you have been studying classical, jazz, commercial, or any other type of singing, then you must be very serious about becoming a professional singer.  That is so good!  You may have heard that “making it” as a singer in this world is difficult.  Well, that is true, but “making it” as an accountant or teacher or ditch digger is also difficult.  To be successful at anything takes talent, skill, and lots of dedication and hard work.  Not everyone has those characteristics.  The good news is that if you are already taking voice lessons or admitted into a music program at a university, then you already have the first thing:  talent, and you are working on the second thing:  skill.  Now for dedication you’ll need to know why you are singing.  Do you know?

Why are you singing?  What do you hope to offer the world with your voice?  If you don’t have a strong answer to this question, then your dedication will be lacking and you will quit, sooner than later. So, how do you answer that question?  Why does anyone sing?  Well, people sing to celebrate birthdays, calm children for sleep, cheer on athletes, praise God, learn their ABCs, let off steam, entertain, enchant, etc.  There are tons of reasons.  What is yours?

Once you find your reason it will be easier to find your destination.  Go ahead take a chance on yourself and buy the book now.

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The 21st Century Singer, Making the Leap from the University into the World by Susan Mohini Kane