Morning Coffee Photo

Good morning.  I hope you slept well.  Now is a good time to take a sip of your favorite morning beverage and take a look at what’s happening in the world.  Since you want to go out into the world with your singing, it is a good idea to find out who is already out there and what they are doing.  As you read the blogs and sites listed, you might want to make little notes to yourself.  Here’s how:

  • Have calm attitude and a nice comforting beverage nearby.
  • Have a little note pad nearby too, just in case you get inspired!
  • Click and read.
  • When you are done, you might want to read the blog on this site too.
  • Also take a look at our quote for the day under Daily Inspiration.
  • If you feel like leaving a comment that might inspire other singers and music lovers, do so below.

That’s it!  Have fun.